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Create your digital trade fair

Do you want to arrange your own fairs online? Then we can help you. The 3D platform Virtual Fair is used to create and implement digital meeting places online. The primary target group is companies that want to use our platform to sell and arrange their own fairs and meetings for their customers. We offer services in technology, sales rights, marketing and project management. Through advanced 3D technology and market-leading tools, we tailor the fairs to customers’ wishes so that the digital environment is similar to the physical one. The 3D platform is located in Amazon’s global server environment that maintains the highest possible level of security. Start a digital trade fair with us!

Digital twins of reality

A major advantage of Lansera’s digital event platform is the ability to create environments that are similar to reality. With the help of photographs from desired environments, we create digital twins in the platform that make exhibitors and visitors recognize themselves. For many customers, the goal is to be able to barely see the difference between the digital and physical fairs when looking at pictures afterwards.

The simplicity

Once the environment is in place, it is easy to add more exhibition halls and fill them with stands that the exhibitors themselves can fill with content – as simple as filling in their Linkedin profile.

We help companies and organizations to digitilize their events

Matches supply and demand

To create the best possible experience, the exhibition platform is adapted to match supply and demand. Instead of visiting 100 exhibitors to find the right education, we let the platform adapt the selection of exhibitors to the visitor’s preferences. If, for example, you are looking for a law degree, only schools that offer these alternatives are shown.

Digital fairs are here to stay - good for the environment, cost-effective and measurable

An example of the entrance where everyone can register and get more information

In the stands, the exhibitors present their company profile, product sheets, advertising, offers, etc.

Example of how previous exhibitions have used their virtual space.

We use technology to create reality-based environments in an increasingly digitalized world.

Statistics and data

In a physical fair, it is difficult to keep track of who visits the exhibitors’ stands, especially with 10,000s of visitors. In our platform, all events are registered, which means that the exhibitors can see in advance who has signed up and what interests they have, that they can see in real time which people are visiting the stand, whereupon you can start a conversation via video, phone or chat, book a meeting, share product sheets and view movie clips. After the fair, you can take part in statistics and information about all events in the exhibitor’s stand, who have downloaded product sheets, watched films, booked meetings, etc., to then be able to give feedback to interested students.


Our platform is located in Amazon’s very secure server environment within the EU and follows all guidelines for GDPR. The Stockholm Region, the Police and the Swedish Tax Agency are some examples of users of the exhibition platform Launch Virtual Fairs.

That is how it works

When a specially designed trade fair is created, it is easy to adapt and reuse over and over again.
The trade fair organizer pays a start fee per event and then a fee per stand.

  • Custom 3D theme (optional)

  • Responds to PC and mobile (iOS, Android)

  • Communication via text, audio and video

  • Calendar system

  • Meeting rooms for video conferencing and chat

  • Questionnaire

  • Real-time market analysis

  • Matching technology (exhibitors / visitors)

  • Webinars live or recorded

  • Contact us for a demonstration

Additional costs
  • Virtual twin custom 3D environment (one-time cost)

  • Our standard service agreement

  • Extra sever capacity (over 3,000 users)

  • Live Streaming (High Resolution)

  • Other adaptations and services (separate quotations)

Technical facts
  • Amazon cloud server environment
  • PHP web-based application
  • JavaScript frontend
  • Multi-technique
Job Fair 2020

Lansera and partner EURES offered International exhibitors to recruit and inform Nordic and international jobseekers. Nine different exhibitors participated in the fair. A total of 108 jobs were uploaded during the event. 754 jobseekers registered and 505 participated. As many as 75% of jobseekers submitted a job application.

Education Media Group

As many as 65% of all visitors to one of our customers’ latest education fairs submitted an expression of interest in education. The fair used LanseraVirtual Fairs and plans to use the platform for 50 upcoming events. Their educational platform is used by 4,000 universities in 50 countries and has 3,000,000 unique visitors each month.

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