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Lansera Virtual Fair platform can help you with organizing a Virtual Fair and more that can satisfy the need to anchor reality in an increasingly fast-paced digital environment. We aspire to bridge the gap between digital and analogue reality

A major advantage of Lansera's digital exhibition platform is the ability to create virtual spaces that are similar to reality.

The limitations of a Physical Fair do not apply in the digital world. With the help of images from desired environments, we create a digital twin in our platform that makes exhibitors and visitors recognize in the real world.

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Headquarters – Stockholm
Jungfrugatan 6, 114 44 Stockholm


Branch office – Leksand
Siljansvägen 726, 793 94 Tällberg



Registered Company
Org.number: 556518-2523
F-Tax: Registered
VAT: Registered
VAT: SE556518252301

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